This Journal will be a place of free flowing ideas and thoughts as I travel through Greece, Turkey and Italy on a Pilgrimage with my Parish family. This page will be updated as WIFI access is available.


Studying the Ancient Peoples – The Minoans

We took an early flight to the island of Crete and started the day early in Knossos at the Palace of the Minoans. What a beautiful time to view the Palace. The weather was perfect. Not too hot not too cold. The palace was constructed around 1950 B.C. but some parts of...

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Check in

We are on our 6th day of our trip. The WiFi has been not been very accessible at times. Tonight is our last night in Greece. We spent the morning exploring and learning about the Acropolis. This is a picture from our first night we stayed in Athens. Today we are weary...

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A Pilgrim’s Preparation

I have found it to be a challenge to prepare for this trip. I find myself trying to plan and be prepared and at the same time, leaving myself open to what is to come. I have decided to travel light. I have one small suitcase and a backpack for my camera....

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A Visit to The House of the Virgin Mary

We started early once again and headed to Ephesis, Turkey to spend the day. The morning was cool and a little drizzly. We went to the House of the Virgin Mary first. What a power time we spent there. My thoughts went to what it would have been like in 33 A.D. which...

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Journal Entries will be added as WIFI permits. Check back after April 23 to read more.

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I, a mere female and fragile vessel, speak these things not from me but from a serene Light. – Hildegard of Bingen (Scivias)